The Landslide Festival combines skat…

The Landslide Festival combines skateboarding/BMX and Music in a small youth driven festival and has three primary objectives
1. To enable young musicians and bands to play to as large an audiences as possible.
2. To provide a competition and skateboarding/BMX demonstrations to enable young boarders and skaters to show off their skills
3. To enable young people to be involved in the planning and delivery of the event.
The best way to get the biggest possible audience is if entrance for the day could be free and we are striving to give as many as possible free tickets.
The costs of the day are being met by the Charity We are Music these include , Public Liability insurance , Licensing fees and park rental fees to Brentwood Council, additional toilets, First Aid cover, site clean-up and rubbish removal and SIA security staff. We are receiving no funding from Brentwood Council. Catering is restricted to the caterers that operate the park under a franchisee from the Council and car parking fees on the day also go to the Council.
In addition We are Music are renting two stages including generators and providing band equipment, PA’s other equipment and staff.
HOAX, VANS and Empire skatepark have provided help, prizes and brand promotional material but no cash and we now need to seek commercial sponsors to help us cover the costs For a first festival it’s hard to get stall holders (other than food).

So what’s in it for the Brentwood Skate Park and We are Music?
1. Financially not a lot if anything. We are Music will be pleased if they can cover the cost of the day, but if the event did end up making a profit then any additional income would be split between Brentwood Skatepark Association and We are Music.
2. We are Music will increase the profile of the charities work with young people showing how young people really can shape their own futures.
3. The skate park users will show their skills gain a higher profile in the community and will use the event to encourage support from Brentwood Council.
4. Everybody should have a great day!

If you like Vans check out this post and…

If you like Vans check out this post and like it. Landslide Festival coming to #Brentwoodskatepark Saturday 13th August 2016. Check it out #music #BMX #Skateboard #hoaxskateboards #Empireskatepark