The Project

The Committee Members

  • Rob MacGowan – Chairman
  • Tina Hadjicostas – Vice Chairman
  • Karen Ford – Treasurer
  • Julie Morrisey – Secretary

The Background

A Fundraising mission to raise £100,000 to rebuild Brentwood’s run-down skate park has been launched by the Brentwood Skate Park Association. It hopes to rebuild the facility, at King George’s Playing Fields, in Ingrave Road, Brentwood, within two years.

Rob McGowan, is the association chairman. He said the current skate park, built nine years ago, has gradually deteriorated.  He said: “It’s something the whole community can use and something for me and my children.

“If we can get the money to rebuild it in concrete, rather than wood and metal, it will be there for my grandchildren too.”

He added: “More and more is being taken away from teenagers with even less for them to do. It’s not only a sport lots of people get involved in, lots of spectators like to come and watch too, so it’s very important.”

The association hopes the majority of the funding will come through grants , but the group will hold its own fundraising events too.

The Park

  • Phase 1 – Bowl Complex (completed)
  • Phase 2 – Street Section
  • Phase 3 – Park Section

Our Objectives

  • To build and develop our local skate park.
  • Consult with young people, so as to build a skate park that young people will want to and enjoy using.
  • Hope to provide a safe area for young people to socialise and explore new sports.
  • To provide a specific area known as a skate park with specialist equipment installed for the use of the whole community including BMX bikes, scooters, skateboarder and inliners.
  • To provide an active distraction for young people, so as to reduce anti social behaviour caused by lack of free activities.
  • Provide an interesting new way for young people to exercise and hopefully reduce levels of obesity in our area.
  • Promote Skateboarding/BMXing/Inlining/Scootering to those who may not be that knowledgeable or interested.
  • To discourage young people skating/BMXing etc in the local high streets, towns and roads therefore minimizing danger to themselves and members of the public.
  • To work closely with Brentwood Borough Council in the redevelopment of the skate park.