Month – July 2015

URGENT UPDATE : TH I have been informed by…


I have been informed by Brentwood Borough Council they will remove the last remaining piece of old equipment from Brentwood Skatepark on Monday 3rd August. Regrettably therefore the skate park will need to be closed to public access on Monday to facilitate the removal. Temporary signs will be put on Monday but if you could let people known ASAP I would be grateful.

One thing was brought to my attention and I know it is from a minority of people but last time they did this the guys on site received significant abuse and threats of physical violence/harm for just doing their job. I know you’ll appreciate this and understand but can I stress that this sort of behaviour will not be tolerated by the council workers in any form and if individuals try and enter the site whilst works are taking place they will not only be putting themselves at danger but also the team working at the time and such action may result in the Police being called.

They will get the piece of equipment removed as quickly as possible and hopefully well before the end of the day.

Brentwood Skatepark Association