Month – March 2012

TH; Brentwood skateparks karting event…

TH; Brentwood skateparks karting event last night at Brentwood Karting was just BRILLIANT. We had 12 teams of 4 drivers. This is the final results. WELL DONE TO ALL THE TEAMS.
12th Team Labour.
11th Team B & M
10th Team Rocky’s Con Men
9th Team Gazette Destroyers
8th Team Random
7th Team SLOB
6th Team BLT & Toast
5th Team BTWN
4th Team Rockets
3rd Team Greenlight
2nd Team Radical Bikes
1st Team D’oily Kart

JD; good news everyone the 3 final designs…

JD; good news everyone the 3 final designs are in and will be displayed at the go karting event on Wednesday the 28th at brentwood karting warley for all to see!!! following this there will be a voting station in the main reception of the town hall for 2 weeks so everyone can vote for there one they like the most!!

RM ; There is still space for a few teams…

RM ; There is still space for a few teams to join in on the 28th of this month at warley go-carting track £25 person 4 people per team ! but be quick , you can also sponser angie macgowan to do the half marathon this weekend , also there will be 2 jams this year (weather permiting ) also the london to brighton in september ! so no excuses for not helping to build brentwoods new skatepark !

TH: We have another great event coming up…

TH: We have another great event coming up real soon. Chris Waterhouse from Brentwood Karting is running a karting track night on Wednesday 28th March 2012 and is donating some of the profits to us. We are looking for teams of 4 at a cost of £25 each (£100 a team). If your parents have a business or if their work would put up the money for a team let me know ASAP. We need a min 10 teams max 15. Looking at local community groups to join. Already confirmed is The Brentwood Centre, Brentwood Gazette, Radical Bikes and the lib dems. Fancy racing against any of them then get a team together and let us know. Going to be a fun fun fun night.